What kind of companies are using digital marketing?

Seeing is believing, so without further ado, here are our eleven favorite companies that are doing digital marketing well, and four social media superstars, Zappos. American Express, a famous credit card company, has a strong digital marketing campaign. You are regularly experimenting with new Digital Marketing channels. AmEx is active on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms.

Community and membership are the most important parts of American Express marketing. AmEx seizes every available opportunity to increase its influence on social media. It also organizes a friendly and simple online experience for all its customers. Customers are very important to American Express.

Interacting with them, offering them unique content and creating an ideal digital experience is what matters to AmEx and helps them stand out from the competition. Mint has an incredible digital marketing strategy that made them one of the best financial management services. They started working mainly on content creation, conducted targeted campaigns that earned the trust of their audience. His team created great infographics that are packed with attractive and well-designed information.

Later, Mint started using Facebook and Twitter in a very effective way. They held conversations with their customers, held sweepstakes and promoted their pages. Mint is now more than just a product. It's a place to talk about finance, tell business stories, and share tips.

Not only does Zappos focus on accumulating new customers, it focuses on its current customers, ensuring more followers in the long run. They listen carefully to their customers and apply new ideas based on what they learn. Focus on what their customers want, not what they want customers to want. World's Largest Online Retailer Has Huge Digital Marketing Campaign.

Amazon always highlights the importance of an engaged community. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now its own Spark network have become one of the keys to Amazon's success. With Spark, Amazon can learn more about customer interests and aspirations. Airbnb, an online marketplace that organizes and offers accommodation, saw tremendous growth with the development of digital marketing.

They adopted a great digital marketing strategy and then implemented it correctly. Airbnb started actively using social media marketing. It helped Airbnb gain massive media coverage and increased its following. Using social media, they could send their brand message clearly.

Airbnb is active on almost every social media platform. Much of Airbnb's success is due to its website. The design and functionality of the page make it very easy to use. Its content is excellent and is designed to keep customers on site and provide them with supportive travel information.

Nike's worldwide recognition is the result of its brilliant work in digital marketing. Nike's success is immense, and every action within its online strategy generates great profits. Focus on creating meaningful content to build customer loyalty. They always pay attention to social problems and include nascent and cultural movements in their advertisements.

By using social media platforms, which were popular with its customers, Nike managed to reach millions of people and also improve its lead generation. Nike's advertising campaign has proven that its strategy worked and continues to work. Today, Nike has almost 99 million followers on Instagram alone and can call itself the largest manufacturer of sports clothing and footwear. Lego, the famous representative of the toy industry, has focused on customer engagement as well as product quality and customer relationships.

Digital campaigns are an essential part of your marketing strategy. The brand actively uses its own websites, gaming websites, e-commerce channels, and social media platforms. Social media is an integral part of Lego's marketing strategy. They are using Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to increase customer base and attract followers.

Lego has more than 13 million followers on Facebook and 5 million followers on Instagram. At the end of the day, all industries have come to rely on online advertising tactics in one or more ways. And with Industry 4.0 and what will come next, the need for digital marketing continues to increase. So much so that most industries have started making long-term digital marketing plans for the future.

Therefore, whether or not your company can benefit from digital marketing strategies is no longer a question. The only question is how much your industry can reward your digital marketing efforts compared to other industries. It is expected and logical that marketers will benefit more from the introduction of digital marketing tactics. After all, digital marketing as we know it today constitutes every business-consumer online interaction, no matter how small or insignificant.

As experienced and resourceful service providers, marketers act as mediators between industries and digital marketing trends. And once a problem that requires the attention of a medical specialist comes into play, people need to be able to find the best option for them online. That's why the healthcare industry is among those in need of digital marketing services. By offering engaging articles and helpful tips that can help people resolve their emergencies, medical professionals can gain the trust of others, expand their patient base, and improve their digital impact.

The retail industry is among the best when it comes to the ROI it can generate through digital marketing. With more and more consumers looking for quick online solutions to buy products, retailers have no choice but to take their business online. In the past, we discussed some of the best platforms for creating e-commerce websites. It is through a great user experience and responsive web design that retail companies can attract business and ensure an increase in their revenues.

The other part of the coin comes through several channels to promote products. One of the most popular digital marketing solutions that e-commerce companies rely on is social media advertising. With the help of trained social media marketing agencies, a company can easily promote its products, increasing its customer base and brand awareness in the process. And this is an approach that applies to small retailers as much as it does to large retail businesses.

Marketing has always played a crucial role in the automotive industry. Given the luxury products that they are, car manufacturers have always invested in marketing, whether through magazines, television commercials, radio advertisements, billboards, etc. Nowadays, that has evolved through digital marketing solutions, becoming the main tool for promoting and selling. What's more, digital marketing is saving the automotive industry thousands of dollars compared to traditional marketing tactics.

Education & Training Industry Among Largest Low-Budget Beneficiaries of Digital Marketing Solutions. One in Two Schools Use Digital Marketing to Raise Funds for Events, Research Finds. And this alone places it on our list of industries that benefit from digital marketing. Focusing on visual campaigns, the food industry relies heavily on social media marketing strategies and paid advertising campaigns.

Campaigns focus on the emotional connection people have with various types of cuisine. And the results that can be obtained by applying the right solutions can be very cost-effective for restaurant owners. When it comes to organizing events, promoting upcoming movies, or live shows, nothing can be more effective than using social media channels to do so. The entertainment industry also uses these approaches to introduce new trends and ideas into the minds of fans.

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of digital marketing solutions in the retail industry. There is a direct connection to the fashion industry here, as more and more consumers buy fashion accessories online. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are quite fast in terms of the speed with which they promote things online. So in a few seconds, new fashion trends can reach thousands of viewers.

Smart fashion marketers are also great at using the best of the line for marketing campaigns. In addition, they repeat their campaigns across a variety of marketing channels to create broad resonance and recovery value. As people continue to move from one place to another, in search of the perfect life, real estate agents have their hands full. The real estate industry continues to expand despite the crisis, with more people looking to replace the overcrowded urban lifestyle with a quiet and peaceful rural lifestyle.

And with the innovative solutions offered by digital marketing, real estate agents can expand and become more visible to potential customers. While social media channels are a proven way for real estate agents to promote properties, the growth of their online presence depends on the work of agencies and SEO tactics. Brokers, agents, specialists, real estate agents and engineers explore a variety of digital marketing channels to present their properties to their potential customers. And if you stay ahead of the competition on search results pages, you can earn a name and, little by little, build your own brand in the real estate industry.

Digital marketing is one of the biggest game changers when it comes to connecting customers to major brands. Digital marketing also helps you measure and optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns. We can safely project that all industries will reap the benefits of digital marketing from here on. Founded in 2000, ASOS has since become one of the trendiest names in online retail, with more than 300,000 dresses and 85,000 men's shirts every week, to 18.4 million active customers worldwide.

How has this British brand become a pioneer in online fashion? It all comes down to your digital marketing strategy: Compared to its competitors, ASOS cuts a different fabric when it comes to attracting visitors, sales and brand awareness. ASOS created an interactive campaign that generated great interest in the brand. There's no problem when it comes to Netflix's marketing strategy: this brand is always on top of the latest shows, trends, and memes. Netflix, with a growing audience of 140 million subscribers worldwide, is the leader in customer retention.

How does Netflix keep customers interested? It Gets Personal. Personalization marketing is an effective way to overcome noise. In fact, 91% of consumers say they are more willing to engage with companies that offer them offers directly. Netflix doesn't just personalize perfectly, it doesn't put too much pressure on its customers either.

By this, we mean that Netflix doesn't bombard subscribers with suggestions. You know that online consumers are more likely to respond to an identifiable email rather than a bunch of non-specific content. As a digital marketer, you should always stagger your emails for amazing results. Netflix sends highly personalized emails and push notifications that are easy to read, with a clear call to action (CTA) button, which usually just says “Play”.

For example, as a Netflix customer, you'll receive an email recommending a movie based on your previous choices, while heading by name. Netflix sends simple, yet personalized push notifications for the best results. Do sportswear giants only do it when it comes to marketing? Definitely not, Nike is very careful and reflects on its digital campaigns. It's produced some brilliant ads over the years, but one of our recent favorites was an AI (artificial intelligence) bot.

Users could interact with Jordan's bot about the latest releases, and could even customize the times they received notifications. This strategy was a huge success, and the brand claimed that it recorded open rates of 87%, which is huge compared to the usual measly open rate of 21.33% for emails in all industries. Why are chatbots effective? Turns Out Consumers Love Them. A recent study by Convince and Convert found that “24-hour service” is the number one benefit of chatbots.

This means that consumers want instant answers, something that chatbots can offer. Maybe it's time your company also talked to an AI developer? Nike Jordan partnered with Facebook Messenger chatbot to offer users a unique shopping experience. Having created a huge community of renters and hosts (approximately 150 million active users), Airbnb is now one of the most prominent names in the travel industry. The key to Airbnb's success has been building trust, which has been achieved mainly through social influencer marketing.

With 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, this social media platform is ideal for influencer marketing given the number of celebrities who use the platform themselves. Most recently, Airbnb announced 600,000 new dog-friendly properties in celebration of National Dog Week in the U.S. UU. To announce this, Airbnb partnered with Marnie the Dog, a four-legged Instagram celebrity with more than 1.3 million followers, and posted a video of her stay in a luxurious mansion.

By aligning with famous celebrities, Airbnb will always be associated with luxury lifestyle and, therefore, high quality. When it comes to brand success, or even failure, celebrity association can be a real driver. Airbnb used an “Instagram-famous” dog to raise awareness of its new dog-friendly properties. For this supermarket giant, every little piece of customer data helps with its digital marketing strategy.

In 1994, Tesco introduced the Clubcard, which revolutionized the loyalty program industry. There are now 16 million active Clubcard members, and Tesco uses the data collected by these loyalty cards to send targeted or “targeted” emails. Recently, Tesco has been using Clubcard purchase history information to identify families, to send suggestions for healthier recipes, based on what the family has previously purchased, and other specific content, such as offers and discounts. Tesco sends targeted emails to ensure customers receive personalized information.

Innocent is constantly creating intelligent content on social media. It's very rare for a company to have no time-based elements for its business model. Whether it's sales, limited shares, or a special offer, most companies will be able to think of something that will set fire to potential customers. See below for an example of Starbucks announcing a limited-time offer for a seasonal drink.

Starbucks sends urgent information to its customers from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. Therefore, we have compiled 13 brands with the top digital marketing campaigns that can improve your ROI and add value to your customers. Not only do these brands do digital marketing, but they generate experiences and content that captivate their audiences and increase brand awareness. Zappos is the leading brand in online footwear commerce, which sets the gold standard for online consumer service.

The company offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. In addition, it offers free two-way shipping if customers want to return or exchange products purchased on the website. As a result, Zappos doesn't have to make every effort to promote its online presence. Its policies are so captivating to customers that buyers are intrigued to sing the company's praise.

Dove has taken this idea to a higher level with its Showus campaign, which is the combination of images from Dove, GirlGaza and Getty. This is a collection of more than 10,000 images of women and non-binary people in 39 different countries. That provides a more inclusive view of beauty for all media and advertisers to use. Tesla's success is one of the most powerful digital marketing campaigns with an incredible social media presence.

Despite being considerably younger in the market than competitors such as Chevrolet, Audi and BMW, Tesla is famous for its 5.1 million followers on Twitter. Their engagement metrics went through the roof, with more than 400 people sharing it, 170,000 people watching it, and 28,000 people liked it. You may be surprised, but law firms have benefited from a defined digital marketing strategy, even though only 75% of law firms don't have one. The most progressive healthcare facilities are building on this momentum by implementing blogs, questionnaires and online portals that allow them to interact with future patients.

The more a person develops digital trust with a healthcare provider, the more they tend to trust them in person. Movies and television have always focused on commitment to fans. The ability to attract you and make you feel like you are part of the story is the purpose of the entertainment industry. What better way to do this than with digital marketing?.

By the late 2000s, while other companies were only considering digital marketing, Domino had already focused its attention on creating an application for iOS devices. Dove runs some of the most effective digital marketing campaigns with its moving ads that change beauty standards. Digital content marketing isn't always easy, but Innocent has seen some fruitful results from its intelligent digital marketing strategies. So, let's take a look at the brands that are leading the digital world and look at what worked for their businesses.

Markiitors is a digital marketing company that connects small businesses with customers and helps them acquire new customers. The company's progress is due to an intelligent digital marketing campaign that combines a convenient product with powerful word-of-mouth marketing in the form of a referral system. With more and more companies looking to stay ahead of the competition by going digital, marketers need to adapt and gain new knowledge to survive. The digital marketing campaign is a comparatively smaller and more focused set of activities to promote a specific product or service.

An effective digital marketing strategy combined with the right tools and technologies allows you to track all your sales to a customer's first digital point of contact with your company. The only difference is that, while some industries have used it a little, other industries enjoy a great return on investment due to their digital marketing strategies and online branding efforts. . .

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